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The RebelBase Challenges were created by Alejandro Crawford to enable those who see a better way to model it, validate it, resource it, refine it, make it real, and take it to scale – and to have a way to showcase what they can do. The RebelBase platform and experience were designed and developed by the RebelBase team – Crawford, Tuba Erbil, Tiffany Kwan, Kapila Ramji, and Brian Wu. Without the pronounced talents and tireless collaboration of the members of this team, the development of this beta would not have been possible.

RebelBase would like to thank Cagdas Can Birant, Heather Bowden, Richard Crawford, Paul Hamill, Kathy Hipple, Amy Kalafa, Lee Kim, L. Hunter Lovins, and William Reinisch. Their insights and contributions to the challenge structure and content have been both generous and incisive, and the RebelBase team and users are in their debt.

These challenges distill a decade’s experiments unleashing the potential of innovators to launch and scale solutions to our most pressing problems. They are designed for use by companies and nonprofits, investor groups and philanthropies, schools and universities, incubators and accelerators, governments and communities. Our fervent hope is that these challenges evolve as users contribute to them, enabling an array of global nodes to offer potential problem-solvers the tools they need to launch a better world.